Taichi Gondaira Biography

1956     Born in Tokyo
1971     Encounter with “photography”
1977     Entered East West company of Color Lab
1979     Started shooting landscapes with 8 x10 format Camera
2004     Started platinum print
2006     Attracted by platinum print on Gampi paper, devoted to produce platinum print with the paper


Nov. 2013     Joint Exhibition “Ukiyo-E”, Rayko photo Center, San Francisco, U.S.A.
Mar. 2014     Joint Exhibition “Ukiyo-E”, Valid Foto, Barcelona, Spain
Apr. 2014     Participant of the International Fair of Contemporary Editions “Art Libris Barcelona”, Barcelona,
Sep. 2014     Participant of the International Photo Festival “Breda Photo 2015”, location SBK gallery, Breda,
Dec. 2014     Joint Exhibition “XI Becas Fundaci溶 Arena 2014”, Alonso Vidal Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
Mar. 2015     Solo Exhibition “Voice of Casket”, Gallery Tosei, Tokyo, Japan
Mar. 2015     Participant of the Photography Festival “Fine Art Igualada”, Catalonia, Spain
May. 2015     Joint Exhibition “THE FLOATING WORLD”, Ibasho gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
Feb. 2017     Joint Exhibition, SBK gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Mar. 2017     Solo Exhibition “RINRINTO ”, Gallery Tosei, Tokyo, Japan
Apr. 2017     Solo Exhibition, Valid Foto, Barcelona, Spain